If you ride trails in the Central Cascades and enjoy horses, mules and the great outdoors, we welcome you to join our Chapter. If you're interested in back country riding and camping, great food, and doing your part to assure continued recreational opportunities on our public lands, then this is the organization for you.

You can make a difference by learning and teaching methods of responsible use of our public lands and have a great time in the process.BCHW Wenas Valley Chapter activities include:

Volunteer Projects
We help the USFS, DNR, WDFW maintain trails in Yakima County for all to enjoy, clean-up the wilderness, pack work crews and tools into the back country and build horse camps.

Leave No Trace Training
We support the BCHW and USFS by hosting "Leave No Trace" training at our campouts.

Packing Clinics
Fitting packs to animals, ponying animals, hobbling and staking out procedures are taught and practiced.

State and Federal Legislation
We track public land issues that affect access to recreation in the outdoors and communicate with legislators about horse/mule use.

We enjoy day rides and overnight campouts in the William O. Douglas Wilderness. Learn new trails and make new friends!
To oppose unjustified restrictions on, and closure to stock use on public lands

To work toward the perpetuation of the legal and moral claim by American people to use horses and mules for recreation on public lands.

To unite horsemen as a viable contracting group to work with governmental and public agencies to achieve the goals and objectives of the corporation as stated in its Articles of Incorporation.

To educate and inform horsemen and others interested in or affected by the policies and programs of the corporation about the impact of stock use on backcountry lands, especially the fragile areas.

  A.)  To minimize or prevent irreparable damage to such areas.
  B.)  To encourage responsible citizen involvement in governmental actions affecting such public lands.
  C.) To demonstrate that horsemen are citizens concerned about protecting the environment as well as sustaining economic equilibrium for the community and the country.
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President: Walt Hyde  509-654-5736, waltkellie@yahoo.com
Vice President: Colleen Badgley, 509.930.8396 ColleenB@elltel.net
Director: Shari Tayar, 509-697-4660 sharitayar@yahoo.com
Alternate Director: Krohn Traversie, krohn_t@yahoo.com
Secretary: Jill Breeze
Treasurer: Kellie Hyde, 901-5672
USFS Liaison:Faye Bradford, 952-0123
DNR /Public Lands :Faye Bradford, 952-0123
Newsletter Editor: Robin Granger, 509.965.5089, robi105@yahoo.com
Volunteer Hrs Coordinator: Sherrie Murphy 494 9860 srmurphy2016@gmail.com
Trail Boss (work Partys) Jacque Sansaver, 697-4385
Web Site: Bob Badgley, 509.388.7005, rbad832654@elltel.net
Education Chair/LNT: Robin Granger, 509.965.5089, robi105@yahoo.com
2017 BCHW Wenas Valley Chapter Officers
Above Photos are of first chapter organizational meeting at Keenes Horse Camp Mt Adams July 2005
2017 Wenas Valley chapter Calendar of Rides and Events
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Chapter Mail Address:
Wenas Valley Chapter,  PO Box 1325, Selah, WA, 98942
Back Country Horsemen of Washington, Wenas Valley Chapter
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